Rainy Days To Spend Alone

I used to enjoy my time alone.

Rare half hours

of loud music

and dancing in the kitchen.


Weekends alone

were the best.

I’d spend hours

plucking strings

on my dad’s guitars

just because I liked

the sound.


I used to enjoy rainy days

and dance

under the gutter

during hurricanes.


When it rained,

I’d sneak outside

late at night,

and strip to my underwear

a let every drop

hit me and

it was so cold and sharp.


And I loved it.


But somehow I started to

spend my time alone

being lonely,

and I still like rainy days,

but only because

they match my mood.

I don’t dance



And I’m not sure when I stopped

being happy.

Sources of Strength

Why do I always

find my strength

from the wrong people?


It’s likely,

almost certain

the problem stems

from relying

on people

at all


But I’m not strong enough

to live and survive

on my own


And I’m so damn sorry

but I can’t help loving

beautiful people


Believe me,

I wish I was enough

for myself.